The West Side Market

The West Side of Los Angeles is one of the most desirable places in the country to live- and many feel it is the best that Los Angeles has to offer. Certain areas west of the 405 Freeway- Brentwood, Santa Monica, and Pacific Palisades- contain some of the choicest parcels and most expensive square foot prices for land and structures anywhere in America. The ocean breezes, clean air, and energy of the area is like no other place in LA County- creating a unique vibe that has driven real estate prices ever higher.   Many streets in Brentwood Park, Santa Monica and the Riviera section of Pacific Palisades attract hedge fund managers, real estate moguls, and A-list actors and celebrities, as well as Hollywood power players that serve their interests. It’s not easy for people to “buy in” to these special Westside pocket areas, especially the best streets, but once you are “in,” buyers benefit from all the factors that drove the prices so high to begin with. Chief among these factors are scarcity of product and the keen interest level of other buyers who recognize that time is money– and for a few– that money is no object if the property meets their very special requirements.  Lara Haselhoff will match the needs of these buyers and sellers to maximize the value of the transaction for all concerned and cooperate with their financial advisors to minimize tax implications.